Handmade Vs Mass Production

welcom to the world

We’ve all done it. We’ve all casually walked past a shop and then…we’ve stopped! Something in the window display has caught our attention. “Oooooh, that’s really nice”, we’ve proclaimed to ourselves. And off we detour, straight in to investigate! We circle the shop like a hawk searching for it’s next meal, until we find the item we first spotted. The shop assistant cheerfully asks, “Can I help you with anything?” We reply with the generic response most customers must give, “No, just looking thank you”. We calmly pick up the item to see where it was made. And, with a sigh of mass disappointment we read, “MADE IN CHINA”.

Coastal Studio started with the desire on my part to share my love of handmade things. The concept of making a product by hand, with the expertise that you’ve been able to gather throughout your lifetime, is weird in our world. When you purchase something made by hand, the care and attention to detail is what you’re getting, along with its slight imperfections. I came into this business because I wanted my customers to be able to own something that they too, could value as theirs and pass on to future generations. My most popular ‘Welcome to the World’ new baby wall hanging is a clear example of this.

When you buy a manufactured item, you’re ultimately supporting some corporate bigshot who is paying their workers as little as they can to keep them producing more and more mediocre goods.  When you send your payment for a handmade item, most of the time, you’re supporting someone who has a nook in a corner of their home and is producing things for you to use/love/admire for a very long time; at least that’s their hope.  People producing handmade goods are generally making their items for the love of being creative. It’s their passion.

Coastal Studio makes pieces for you or a loved one by hand, to suit your special occasion. It’s not about how many retail stores we can get our products into, or how many pieces we can mass produce each day. It’s about the quality of what you are holding in your hand, and the fact that you know exactly where it came from, how it was made, and that it was made for you…with love by one pair of hands.


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